EURRECA: The way towards standardised micronutrient recommendations in Europe

Last Updated : 18 January 2011
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    Micronutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, are essential for proper growth and development. In Europe, micronutrient recommendations often vary widely between countries. Harmonised recommendations based on up-to-date science and improved means to reach them are thus needed.

    Funded by the European Commission, EURRECA ( is a Network of Excellence developing methodologies to standardise the process of setting micronutrient recommendations. It is expected that the results will improve the health of European citizens.

    To make sure that EURRECA’s activities are rooted in sound science and that its outputs are as relevant as possible to those outside the network, EURRECA has established a “Scientific Advisory Group” and a “Users Advisory Group”, both comprising acknowledged experts. In this podcast you will hear some of the members of these Advisory Groups explain what they believe are the main strengths and the most relevant outputs of the EURRECA Network of Excellence.

    From the “Scientific Advisory Group” you will hear Prof. Johanna Dwyer (U.S National Institute of Health and Tufts University Friedman), Prof. Wim Verbeke (Ghent University), Prof. Maria Hassapidou (Institute of Thessaloniki) and Prof. Wim Saris (Maastricht University). The members from the “Users Advisory Group” that have been interviewed are Prof. Anne de Looy (University of Plymouth), Paul Finglas (Institute of Food Research), Arnold Timmer (UNICEF) and Karin Hådell (European Federation of the Associations of Dietitians).

    Listening to this podcast you will also learn about the EURRECA Network of Excellence as such - why it is important, what it tries to achieve and what tools are being developed within the Network.

    For additional information about EURRECA, click here.

    EURRECA – EURopean RECommendations Aligned – Network of Excellence is funded by the European Commission (2007 – 2011), contract number FP6 036196-2 (FOOD) and is co-ordinated by ILSI Europe.