Mr. Goodfish 3.0: Empowering Sustainable Seafood Choices – choose the right fish at the right season!

1 May 2024 - 30 April 2027

As of 2017, global assessments indicated that 34.2% of sea product stocks were unsustainably exploited, 59.6% fully exploited, and 6.2% underfished. Should this trend persist, it poses a significant risk to the future viability of the entire fishing industry, affecting stakeholders ranging from fishermen and fishmongers to restaurant owners and consumers. Recognising the critical connection between seafood consumption choices and the health of marine ecosystems, initiatives such as Mr.Goodfish3.0 are of utmost importance. This project, aimed at empowering European consumers to make informed seafood and aquaculture product purchase choices, acknowledges the profound impact of diets and fish consumption on both the fishery and individual health. Additionally, Mr.Goodfish 3.0 supports the consumption of local and seasonal seafood while taking into account the future viability of stocks.

Mr. Goodfish 3.0 builds on the foundation laid by the first campaign launched in 2010 and its already existing application. Developed by the French aquarium Nausicaa (partner of this project), the current app offers a selection of seasonal recommendations and some recipes. Mr. Goodfish 3.0 will improve and upgrade the present version, expanding its scope to provide a wealth of resources tailored to consumer needs and employ the app within -awareness campaigns in all the 27 EU Member States involving chefs, influencers, and other opinion leaders, targeting diverse demographics. For instance, children and youth will be involved in educational activities with their families or schools in science centers, museums, and aquariums, such as cooking and tasting events. Furthermore, a collaborative serious game, inspired by The Climate Fresk will be established at food markets, festivals, and fairs to support engagement and educate citizens of all age groups. From personalised suggestions to make the most sustainable purchase and consumption choices, to delicious recipes and insightful tips on combating food waste, the app will equip consumers with tools to make sustainable seafood choices effortlessly. Furthermore, the app will highlight the health benefits and nutritional value of aquatic food.

Additionally, integral to Mr.Goodfish’s3.0 mission is the expansion of sustainable seafood labeling, highlighting European providers committed to environmental stewardship and adding new businesses that are living up to the project’s environmentally friendly and sustainable values.

With a consortium comprising research institutions, European-wide organisations, science centres, and museums, Mr. Goodfish 3.0 uses the partners' expertise to drive progress collaboratively. EUFIC’s role is to support the project's communication and dissemination activities, in particular developing the EU-wide awareness-raising campaign for all target groups. EUFIC will recruit professional chefs (including the ones participating in the #TasteTheOcean campaign), influencers, and opinion leaders from all around Europe and empower them to talk about sustainable seafood consumption behaviours and recommendations.