Why EUFIC in EU-Funded Projects?

We are a consumer-oriented non-profit association, that makes the science behind food and health more accessible and easier to understand among the public. Our mission is to produce science-based content to inspire and empower healthier and more sustainable diets and lifestyles among European citizens.

How do we boost project outreach and impact?

We have the experience (and the platforms) to make a difference

  • We have strong experience in implementing consumer research, stakeholders’ engagement, network building, dissemination and communication activities developed in more than 77 projects since 2004
  • We have the key players of the food sector as members of EUFIC: industries, universities and NGOs represent our natural network of stakeholders
  • We have a long collaboration with the key networks and initiatives at the EU level (i.e. EFSA Stakeholders Forum, JPIs, ETPs) and we built the Sustainable Food Systems Network, populated by more than 1.400 stakeholders working in the food sector
  • Our public-facing platforms reach over 130k people annually through our EUFIC social media and more than 40k people through our newsletter
  • We have a set of audio-visual materials on food, health and sustainability that projects can use
  • We lead our work packages and tasks pro-actively from the proposal stage on, aligning with other WPs and focusing on the needs of specific partners/tasks
  • We have a broad team of project managers, researchers, press professionals, social media and website specialists, as well as graphic designers to consult and work with throughout the project

We research consumer attitudes to find out what motivates people’s behaviours

  • We conduct desk research, literature reviews and consumer research studies
  • We design communication and behaviour change interventions based on empirical evidence
  • We scientifically measure the impact of communication and behaviour change interventions
  • We liaise with stakeholders from industry, policy and consumer associations to inform our research and increase its relevance to all food system actors

We drive impactful campaigns through engaging content

  • We manage stakeholder engagement activities to deliver an impact
  • We capitalise on our broad European networks and expand on them within the scope of your project
  • We translate complex science into accessible content, understood by the general public, and used by health professionals, educators, scientists and policymakers
  • We define an effective, tailor-made, and far-reaching communication strategy for the project
  • We design recognizable and attractive project brand identities, websites and content to reach out to target audiences, translating it into partners’ languages
  • We organise conferences and workshops for general or specialised audiences


Are you ready to work with us? Please, contact matteo.sabini@eufic.org