Preventing obesity through Biologically and bEhaviorally Tailored inTERventions for you (BETTER4U)

1 November 2023 - 31 October 2027

The pervasiveness of overweight and obesity amongst the global population has escalated into a significant public health challenge marked by risks including the peaking incidence of chronic non-communicable diseases (NCDs), such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.  

Factors such as unhealthy dietary patterns and sedentary behaviours are well-acknowledged to have contributed to the rise in weight-related concerns, however many other lifestyle and environmental factors leading to obesity and overweight have been neglected. As these issues continue to impact individuals and put pressure on healthcare systems, there is an urgent need for comprehensive research and innovative interventions to address and reverse the widespread increase in obesity and weight gain. “Preventing obesity through Biologically and bEhaviorally Tailored inTERventions for you” (BETTER4U) is an EU-funded project that aims to develop, evaluate and promote evidence-based and sustainable personalized lifestyle interventions to prevent and tackle obesity.  

BETTER4U will focus on examining the previously overlooked influence of the genetic triggers for weight gain on the efficacy of lifestyle interventions for people living with obesity and overweight. The project seeks to address the worldwide obesity issue by deeply investigating the problem and proposing tangible solutions with the assistance of advanced AI technology and the collective expertise of global professionals. 

To achieve this objective, BETTER4U will:  

  1. Conduct in-depth analyses of potentially linked parameters for the development of obesity, such as genetics, microbiome, socio-economic factors, geography, culture, and lifestyle to explain the complexities of weight gain throughout the course of life.  
  2. Formulate the BETTER4U intervention methodology for weight gain prevention through an AI model of obesity parameters, informed by a pilot study comprising 7 European countries. The efficacy of the BETTER4U intervention will be assessed through a controlled, randomized clinical trial, incorporating technology-assisted real-time monitoring.  
  3. Identify any implementation barriers, facilitators, and outcomes, that may culminate in the development and dissemination of obesity prevention guidelines using a people-centred care approach.  

The BETTER4U consortium is bringing together the expertise of public and private sector healthcare professionals, top leading universities and research institutes plus social entities like NGOs and regional governments, in the development of AI-powered tools that can deliver effective nutritional advice to people living with overweight.  

EUFIC is leading the communication and dissemination activities and contributing to the review of scientific data to determine the veracity of genetic risk and socio-economic backgrounds as prompting agents in the development of overweight and obesity.

You can find additional information about the EU project in this leaflet


EUFIC's main objectives for the project are:  

  • Create a comprehensive communication and dissemination plan, along with a distinctive visual identity in the degree of optimizing the reach and influence of the project's initiatives and ensuring a widespread distribution of the project´s outcomes to all key stakeholders and the relevant audience.

Figure. BETTER4U project logo

  • Determine if overlooked parameters such as genetics, socio-economic status, and cultural heritage are linked to the development of overweight and obesity.

Better4U project partners picture during the kick-off meeting in Athens, Greece
Figure. Kick-off meeting in Athens, Greece (2023)