1 January 2022 - 31 December 2024

Society's current consumption behaviour is being held responsible for environmental and health catastrophes like global warming and the prevalence of obesity. Even if individual initiatives for change show up as efficient and immediate solutions, in the grand picture, the union of these small actions is still not sufficient. Thus, in the EIT Food project SUCCESS, business, civil society, and research partners join to make sustainable shopping a mainstream activity by collaborating with retailers across Europe. It focuses on consumer-facing retailer initiatives on the shift towards more plant-based protein and reducing food waste. The project is led by Rikolto in collaboration with the University of Ghent, the Polish Food Bank, VTT and EUFIC.

EUFIC's main tasks are:

  1. Manage the retailers' sustainable initiatives database by collecting retailer initiatives from Belgium, Poland, and Finland. The main emphasis of these initiatives is to combat food waste and promote a protein shift towards plant-based alternatives.
  2. Conduct consumer research on which types of retailer initiatives on food waste and the protein shift consumers prefer.
  3. Interview stakeholders along the food value chain in Belgium, Poland, Finland, and at the European level on how retailers can facilitate the protein shift and food waste reduction among consumers and how other food chain actors can support them.
  4. Produce and disseminate recommendations on how retailers can help consumers reduce their food waste and increase their consumption of plant-based proteins.

Betty Chang, Research – Area Lead (

Stephan Kampshoff, Collaborative Projects – Manager (