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Glucose fructose syrup: How is it produced? (Infographic)

Last Updated : 01 December 2011

In the EU, wheat and maize are commonly used raw materials in starch production, each accounting for about 35%. Another commonly used source is potato.

There are varying methods of milling grains. Maize is wet milled, meaning that it is first steeped in water. Wheat can be wet or dry milled.

Glucose-fructose syrup is made from starch in a process that mimics how our bodies digest starches. Both the enzymes that break down starch into maltodextrins and then maltodextrins down into glucose, and the ones that convert glucose into fructose, are present in the human body.

Glucose-fructose syrup is made of glucose and fructose, typically containing 42% fructose. Unlike in sucrose (table sugar), which is made of linked chains of glucose and fructose in a 50:50 ratio, the molecules in glucose-fructose syrup are not linked together.

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