Food law

Food law

Food safety is the joint responsibility of everyone involved in the food supply chain, from farm to fork. Starting with agricultural production and processing to transport and food preparation, preventing food safety issues requires caution at every step. The EU food safety policy comprises comprehensive legislation on food safety and food hygiene as well as a system of checks and enforcement in order to protect consumers’ health.

Food packaging unwrapped

15 September 2016

Food packaging plays an important role in protecting and delaying chemical, physical, and biological deterioration. In this way, even simple packaging (such as glass, metal, plastics...

Genetically modified food: What do you need to know?

29 February 2016

Changes in genetic make-up occur naturally between generations  of plants and animals, and through selective breeding, resulting in the selection of traits favourable to our supply. Recently, technology has allowed us to genetically modify our food faster, but is it safe and how is this regulated?

Food production: Safe food in today’s global food chain

27 October 2014

Consumer expectations for safe, high-quality, and affordable food products are high. This article focuses on the efforts of all stakeholders in the food supply chain to ensure only safe and quality foods reach the market, and discusses the challenges of the complex global food supply chain.

HACCP and GHP: Standards in Food Industry

01 February 2013

Consumers rightfully expect that food is safe to eat and to comply with these requirements, many food businesses follow relevant industry standards.

Food safety

08 June 2006

Today's lifestyles are vastly different from those of the past. In spite of the advances, contamination of the food supply does occur.

What is Codex Alimentarius?

01 July 2004

Codex Alimentarius, literally translated from Latin "food code,” is a series of food safety standards formulated to protect consumer health and ensure fair practices in food trade.