Global update on nutrition labelling (The 2018 edition)

Last Updated : 18 July 2018
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    The European Food Information Council’s latest ‘Global Update on Nutrition Labelling’ is now available for purchase: 265 euros (VAT included)!

    Labelling the nutritional content of food has become important not simply because the consumer has the right to know what is in food products, but also to help us make proper dietary choices so we can follow a healthy, well-balanced diet. In some countries, government regulations for nutrition labelling have been in place for many years; others have only recently developed a statutory framework for the provision of nutrition information. In both circumstances, the provision of nutrition  information on the front-of-pack (FOP) is becoming an increasingly prominent policy issue. Meanwhile, voluntary FOP nutrition labelling initiatives proliferate.

    A number of studies in recent years have examined how consumers perceive and use nutrition labels and assessed consumer preferences for different nutrition labelling schemes.

    global update on nutrition labelling 2018 edition

    This Global Update on Nutrition labelling seeks to provide a comprehensive overview of the state of play on the issue today: What are the major nutrition labelling initiatives adopted or in the pipeline to date? How do they work? What do the various stakeholders say? Where is the debate heading? What does the research show?

    The key objectives are:

    • To give an up-to-date, comprehensive snapshot of the situation worldwide.
    • To evaluate research and practical experiences to date, so as to identify examples of best practice.
    • To highlight emerging trends and remaining knowledge gaps.
    • To suggest ways forward, particularly with respect to consumer research.

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