Tips for a healthier lifestyle (Video)

Last Updated : 26 January 2017
Table of contents

    We may want to lose weight, get fit, or just be healthier. We know that more fruit and vegetables or more exercising is good for us but maintaining the motivation and sticking to decisions may seem hard. There are ways to make the healthy way the easy way. Have a look at these tips to change the habits towards a healthier lifestyle. Not everything works for everyone, so pick the ones that fit you. And start changing today!

    Pick one or all, whatever works for you:

    1. Set goals and make them specific
    2. Reflect, it helps to clearly see how to reach a goal
    3. Plan your meals or workouts, then you are more likely to do them
    4. Use small tricks to make it easier
    5. Take small steps, they will lead to big changes
    6. Get support, bring your family and friends on board
    7. Chose the activity that you will enjoy, the one that makes you want to move
    8. Monitor your progress
    9. Reward yourself whenever a milestone is reached
    10. Start today!