With every person, there is a different diet. A balanced diet varies depending on the individual’s needs. Our bodies need about 40 different nutrients to maintain health. These nutrients can be taken in through macronutrients: carbohydrates, fats and protein which are needed in large amounts as well as micronutrients: vitamins, minerals, and trace elements needed in small amounts. Diets vary hugely depending on habits, beliefs and trends and dietary requirements can be consumed in different ways.

What’s Important for Vegetarians and Vegans to Eat?

29 October 2019

Many people reduce or exclude animal products for a variety of reasons. If you have a plant-based diet, read on to make sure your nutrient intake is adequate.

The truth about “clean eating”

10 August 2018

Clean-eating has been a popular dieting trend for quite some time now, but it isn't always as healthy as it seems.

The DASH diet can help with high-blood pressure

10 August 2018

The DASH diet offers an effective nutritional approach towards prevention and treatment of high-blood pressure (hypertension). Learn how to follow the DASH diet.

Can intermittent fasting help you lose weight?

10 August 2018

Intermittent fasting describes a type of dieting that involves periods of routine fasting but can it actually help us lose weight?

Why do we opt for the light version?

03 May 2013

Why do people  criticise foods produced for weight management but nonetheless consume them when  on a diet to lose weight?

What Are Superfoods and Are They Really Super?

11 December 2012

To find out the truth, this article looks carefully at the scientific evidence behind the media’s superfood claims and how this translate into real diets.

Skipping breakfast may increase food intake at lunchtime

04 November 2012

Researchers at the University of Nottingham have found that skipping breakfast leads to increased food intake later in the day. Their study also shows how eating breakfast can affect metabolic and hormonal responses to subsequent meals.

Lower Socioeconomic Status Linked to an Unhealthy Diet

26 September 2012

This association between SES and healthiness of diet is not fully understood yet but investigating the motives underlying food choice might provide more insight.

The Nordic diet: Is it as healthy as the Mediterranean?

26 March 2012

Eating a balanced traditional Nordic diet was associated with lower death rates in a Danish cohort study, published by researchers from the Danish Cancer Society, Aarhus University and Aalborg Hospital, Denmark.

Fruit and Vegetable Consumption in Europe

10 January 2012

A majority of European citizens associate a healthy diet with fruit and vegetable consumption, and many of them believe that their diet is healthy. But is this true? Do people in Europe actually get the amounts of fruit and vegetables recommended for good health?