Eating sustainably

Eating sustainably

Sustainable food production uses processes and systems to lower the environmental impact of food production and to protect workers, communities and consumers, while not compromising the needs of future generations. Although consumers are aware that food production has an impact on climate change, most research shows a clear lack of consumer knowledge of sustainable diets, as well as many misconceptions about them. Eating more local food, minimising meat consumption and choosing responsibly sourced seafood options are all ways to eat more sustainably.

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07 February 2024

This article explores the environmental impact of soy production on deforestation, greenhouse gas emissions, land use, and water use.

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23 March 2021

Discover what fruit and vegetables are in season in your country with EUFIC’s new interactive tool and follow a more sustainable diet.

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09 September 2020

Eating more seasonal fruit and vegetables is just one aspect of eating more sustainably. When it comes to the environment, what we eat may be even more important.