Portion information

Portion information

In a climate of overweight and obesity, the amount we eat or drink is just as important as what is eaten. There are increasing concerns that larger portion sizes may encourage over-eating. Furthermore, there appears to be confusion about how much of a product should be eaten and the recommended daily portion size of many common foods. Portion information is often included on food and drink labels but little is known about how we interpret and use this information.

How to Measure Portion Sizes with your Hands (Infographic)

01 April 2019

Knowing how much of a food you should eat can be difficult. This infographic shows how to use your hands to measure the right portion sizes.

What do you need to know about portion sizes - Q&A

27 September 2018

Eating proper portion sizes is as important as eating the right foods. This Q&A explains portion sizes and gives tips on how to choose and control them in order to eat healthier and avoid under- and overeating.

The importance of portion information from a consumer and health perspective

10 April 2012

There has been a tendency for labels to focus on nutrition information and to overlook ‘how much’ of a product should be consumed. Portion control is important as research shows that consumption of large portions...