Sustainability labelling

Sustainability labelling

Sustainable food production is good for the environment. Ensuring a sustainable supply of food for the world's fast growing population is a major challenge. There is a growing demand for the public to be informed about the various impacts of food consumption, including effects on the environment. Hence sustainability-related food information schemes have become widespread on food and drink packages.

Quality labels: What are EU food quality schemes?

27 May 2021

Quality is an important consideration both for consumers when purchasing food and for producers while negotiating the price of their products. This articles explains how the European Commission protects food products with distinctive quality characteristics through food quality schemes.

Food Quality Schemes: Addressing Common Questions

27 May 2021

Some European foods are renowned for their unique quality characteristics (e.g. geographic origin or sustainable production methods). Various quality schemes protect these products at the EU and international levels, ensuring that they are recognised for their special qualities, protected against fraud and misuse, and that their producers are fairly compensated. This article answers some questions about such schemes and their relevance.

Sustainability labelling on food and drink products

27 May 2014

During the last 30 years sustainability-related food information schemes have become widespread on food and drink packages. In Europe, more than 120 public and private sustainability-related schemes have been identified at EU or national level. EUFIC, in collaboration with Prof Klaus G. Grunert, conducted a study on sustainability labelling and consumers. In this podcast, Prof Klaus G. Grunert talks about the results of this study and the emergence of sustainability issues in the public agenda.

Food shelf life and its importance for consumers

16 October 2013

Shelf-life is the length of time a food can be kept under stated storage conditions while maintaining its optimum safety and quality. Shelf life of a food begins from the time the food is manufactured and is dependent on many factors...