Small lifestyle changes are sometimes all it takes for great improvements in health. From eating more mindfully to practicing moderation when it comes to food, subtle adjustments in thinking and in behaviour can help with maintaining a healthy weight. Timing also plays a role in health as a good night’s sleep and the timing of meals can predict weight loss effectiveness. Starting small and developing a better relationship with food overall is an effective way to achieve good health for the long term.

Mindless to mindful eating

01 April 2016

Eating mindlessly may be contributing to the ever-expanding waistlines across the globe. Research into mindful eating has largely focused on weight control and helping people to develop a better relationship with food. How can you eat more mindfully?

Small changes to prevent weight gain

01 August 2013

Both the developed and developing world face an obesity epidemic. Are the current recommendations for addressing this epidemic attainable? A “small changes” approach to reducing energy intake and increasing physical activity has been proposed, in order to prevent weight gain for the general population.