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FoodSafety4EU: towards a closer food safety collaboration

18 March 2021

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Food safety is a top priority for the European Commission. The main goal is to assure the protection of human health through safe products by the food industry - Europe’s largest manufacturing and employment sector. Therefore, the FoodSafety4EU project will design, develop and launch a multi-stakeholder platform for the future European Food Safety System (FSS).

Multi-stakeholder Food Safety platform

The Food Safety Systems (FSS) platform aims to bring together citizens, scientists, companies, the European Commission, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), and national Food Safety Authorities, to establish a network of FSS actors on a national, European, and international level.

To facilitate this collaboration and ensure responding to potentially fast-changing scenarios, the consortium will thus develop knowledge and digital tools to activate a structured participatory process among these actors.

The FoodSafety4EU platform aims to:

  • Support the risk assessment by facilitating access to resources, data, tools and scientific knowledge
  • Co-create and align future research programmes and EU agenda
  • Enhance public confidence through transparency and access to integrated knowledge

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The EUFIC team will support the overall communication and dissemination strategy design and execution, liaising with EU agencies, FSAs, existing networks and initiatives to build the network.

Under "Strategies to improve public awareness and engagement of food safety’’, EUFIC leads the creation of public engagement materials and activities following the Responsible Research & Innovation (RRI) guidelines by the European Commission.

About FoodSafety4EU

FoodSafety4EU is funded under the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme. The 3-year project (Jan 2021 - Jan 2024) is coordinated by the National Research Council of Italy (CNR) and Institute of Sciences of Food Production (ISPA). The FoodSafety4EU European Network consists of 23 Consortium partners and 44 stakeholders (Food Safety Authorities, consumers' associations, research centres and more).

You can read the project’s launch press release here.


The European Food Safety Community is expanding. Discover here how to join the FoodSafety4EU network.

For more info check out:

Website: foodsafety4.eu

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LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/foodsafety4eu, #FoodSafety4EU