High-level event in Valencia sets to shine a spotlight on food loss and waste reduction strategies

Last Updated : 12 September 2023
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    The world is gearing up to mark the International Food Loss and Waste Awareness Day on September 29th, a day dedicated to addressing the critical issue of food loss and waste (FLW). Recognising that this challenge needs the collective efforts of experts and stakeholders from various fields, the Valencia World Sustainable Urban Food Centre (CEMAS), in collaboration with the European Food Information Council (EUFIC), will host the high-level event "A multi-stakeholder perspective on food loss and food waste reduction strategies" on October 3rd in Valencia.

    This high-level event presents a timely opportunity to advance the EU's commitment to reducing food waste and drive progress toward a more sustainable food system. Held as a prelude of Valencia European Green Capital 2024 and with an emphasis on the key role of cities in defining policies against FLW, it aims to bring together stakeholders from universities, civil society, local, regional, national, and European authorities, city networks, and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) for a day of knowledge sharing and awareness raising.

    Eminent research figures in the FLW sector, such as Dr. Felicitas Schneider from the Institute of Market Analysis at the Thünen Institute, Sanne Stroosnijder, manager of the Food Loss and Waste Prevention Program at Wageningen University & Research, and Gyula Kasza, coordinator of the Hungarian National Food Waste Prevention Program, will take part to the programme. Additionally, representatives from leading city networks and political delegates from the European Commission, the French, Spanish, Finnish and Turkish Ministry of Agriculture will participate.

    Key objectives for the day event include raising awareness about food waste and food waste reduction strategies, promoting collaboration and dialogue across the food value chain, understanding global initiatives and policies and how to replicate them, and fostering concrete commitments to reduce food waste.

    The event's structure includes morning panel debates and keynote speeches focusing on global, national and local perspectives and afternoon sessions with sector-specific discussions, with room for networking opportunities as well.

    Please feel free to join us in Valencia and register for the in-person event here.

    If you are interested in the programme but cannot attend the event in person, please note that the morning plenary sessions will be live-streamed. Ensure you register to access the broadcast.

    Further information about the programme and the event can be found here.