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Imagining the future of food with Virtual Reality - FutureKitchen webinar

01 July 2020

A woman and a child with virtual reality goggles

If you’re interested in food, tech & education this FutureKitchen webinar is for you.

With a world population reaching 9.8 billion by 2050, we need to rethink our food systems. There are alternatives ready and we need to talk about them - not only to experts in the field!

In this 1-hour webinar, we will watch our latest VR videos on algae and insect food. Christian Bärtsch, the CEO of Essento - producer of delicious insect burgers - and Alison Smith, Head of the Department of Plant Sciences at University of Cambridge will explain why we can expect these two foods to be on our plates more often in the future. You will also learn about the FutureKitchen project and how you can use infotainment to communicate effectively - together with Project Manager Justine Vanhalst from Matis. A recording and Q&A will be shared with all registered participants after the event.


  • Algae & insect quiz to warm up (EUFIC, 5 minutes)
  • The FutureKitchen project and infotainment (Matís, 15 minutes)
  • VR video on insect food: We will travel virtually to the insect burger producer Essento in Switzerland and learn about the benefits of insect food. (Essento, 15 minutes)
  • VR video on algae: We will travel virtually to Iceland to discover Algaennovation, a sustainable indoor algae farm. (University of Cambridge, 15 minutes)
  • Questions & Answers (10 minutes)


Christian Bärtsch Alison Smith Justine Vanhalst

Christian Bärtsch

CEO and Co-founder of Essento

Alison Smith

Head of the Department of Plant Sciences at University of Cambridge

Justine Vanhalst

FutureKitchen Project Manager at Matís Iceland

About FutureKitchen:

The FutureKitchen Series is an EIT Food project, launched on FoodUnfolded, the digital platform on food, health and sustainability of EIT Food. With videos, including Virtual Reality, FutureKitchen infotains (informs and entertains) especially young generations on food innovation and sustainability, aiming to engage them in a conversation. In 2020, the project sets out to further encourage and inspire a food system connection, increased consumer trust, and greater interest in food careers. All videos are developed in a co-creation process, together with academia, start-ups and industry partners to create an honest and impactful food story. A variety of new topics, such as insect food, robotics, personalised diets and food mindfulness will be covered throughout 2020 - the latest launch showcases an algae indoor farm using geothermal energy.