New EUFIC governance sets up organization for the challenges ahead

Last Updated : 30 March 2021
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    The European Food Information Council (EUFIC) has updated its governance model, offering an even stronger backbone to serve its mission to inspire and empower healthier and more sustainable diets and lifestyles among European citizens.

    EUFIC’s new General Assembly and Board of Directors bring together distinguished experts from across the four stakeholder groups key to its mission: the scientific community, healthcare and science communication practitioners, the private sector and civil society. Representations in each governance body are weighted towards what sits at the heart of EUFIC’s work: science.

    EUFIC's content development and overall decision-making continues to be guided by an independent, pan-European Scientific Advisory Board, supporting our founding values of impartiality and scientific integrity.

    Laura Fernández Celemín, EUFIC Director General, said:

    "We are proud of our new governance model, equipping the organization with a leadership that brings together the most relevant perspectives in the world of food and health. I am convinced that this progress will help us stay ahead of the curve in producing science-based content that truly inspires Europeans to more sustainable and healthier lifestyles".

    For more information about EUFIC’s governance and organisation, please click here.