EUFIC Launches Social Media Challenge #SwitchToWholeGrains: What whole grains are you switching to?

Last Updated : 26 October 2023
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    On November 15th, on the occasion of the 5th International Whole Grains Day, the European Food Information Council (EUFIC) is launching its social media challenge #SwitchToWholeGrains to inspire European citizens to integrate more whole grains into their daily diets.  

    A diet rich in whole grains can reduce the risk for non-communicable diseases such as cardiovascular disease, colorectal cancer, type 2 diabetes, overweight and obesity. Furthermore, whole grains represent a key part of healthy and sustainable diets. Despite the numerous benefits whole grains offer and many European dietary guidelines recommending that refined cereals should be replaced by whole grains, most European consumers have a very low intake of whole grains. EUFIC is determined to steer people towards embracing these wholesome, fibre-rich, and nutrient-packed alternatives.

    Join the social media campaign as we champion healthy eating and share knowledge on the myriad advantages of whole grains!

    How to participate:

    It might be tricky to include or increase whole grains intake, especially if you're new to the world of whole grains and their advantages. At EUFIC, we're here to help by providing a comprehensive list of whole grain, along with examples of their benefits. Explore the possibilities and benefits they offer to get started on the right track.

    You will figure, there are infinite ways to include more whole grain in your meals. Whether it's swapping white basmati for brown rice or choosing a non-traditional baguette, it's all about making the switch!

    To participate simply:

    1. Take your smartphone and document your whole grain swaps!
    2. Post them on social media using the hashtag #SwitchToWholeGrains and tagging @EUFIC and @eatwholegrains.