Nutrition Labelling

Labelling the nutritional content of food has become important not simply because the consumer has a right to know what is in food products, but also to help us make proper dietary choices so we can follow a healthy, well-balanced diet. Do you know what information you can find on food package labels, and how to understand it?

Front-of-pack nutrition labelling

08 July 2022

This article explains what is front-of-pack nutrition labelling and why it exists, and showcases some of the most common front-of-pack labels used in Europe.

Understanding nutrition information (infographic)

06 September 2020

Learn how to compare foods and make healthier food choices by understanding nutrition information displayed on pre-packaged foods with our infographic.

Global update on nutrition labelling (The 2018 edition)

18 July 2018

265 euros (VAT included)

This Global Update on Nutrition labelling seeks to provide a comprehensive overview of the state of play on the issue today: What are the major nutrition labelling initiatives adopted or in the pipeline to date? How do they work? What do the various stakeholders say? Where is the debate heading? What does the research show?

When nutrition labels increase our food consumption

12 October 2013

The selection of portion size and actual consumption are driven by many physiological, environmental, sensory and cognitive cues which surround the eating experience. Researchers from the...

Nutrition labelling becomes mandatory in Europe

05 October 2012

The European Commission has published a new Regulation on the provision of food information to consumers 'Food Information Regulation'), applicable to all member states of the European Union (EU)...

EUFIC reviews European evidence on whether nutrition labelling has helped encourage healthy eating

09 May 2012

A recent review has highlighted the latest research on whether nutrition labelling has been effective in encouraging healthy eating. While the last decade has seen the emergence of a great deal of research in this area...

New insights into nutrition labelling in Europe

30 March 2012

Nutrition labels can help consumers make more healthful choices about food, but scientific insights into how these labels are used in real-life shopping situations are limited. The aim of the EU-funded project, FLABEL...

The Importance of Food Labelling

25 August 2010

Ensuring food safety is a shared responsibility between governments, producers, industry and consumers. Food labelling is one way in which consumers can get knowledge about the food they consider buying.

Read up! Are consumers paying attention to nutrition labels?

20 August 2010

In response to the prevalence of diet-related diseases, governments and food companies increasingly promote nutrition information on food labels to help the consumer make healthy, informed food choices...

Nutrition labels everywhere in Europe

19 March 2010

Nutrition information on food labels is meant to help consumers make healthier choices. But how much nutrition information is actually available on food packs across Europe? An extensive European audit conducted by EUFIC...

Nutrition information on food labels: Is it read and understood?

08 March 2009

Nutrition labelling becomes more and more widespread on food packages in Europe. But do consumers really notice these labels and do they understand them? Most critically, are they able to use such nutrition information...

Nutrition labelling: How, where and why?

31 December 2008

In a bid to curb the spread of diet-related diseases, governments and food companies increasingly promote nutrition labelling to help the consumer make healthy, informed food choices. The EU-funded project FLABEL...

Characterising the nutritional value of foods, using nutrient profiling

26 February 2008

Nutrient (or nutritional) profiling of foods, described as the science of characterising foods based on their nutrient content, is fast becoming the basis for regulating health claims on foods, fortification, and marketing and advertising to children...

Simple energy-based front-of-pack label preferred by consumers

27 September 2007

Front-of-pack labelling schemes have been developed against a background of concerns about rising obesity levels. Research conducted by the European Food Information Council (EUFIC) in conjunction with Wageningen University...

Nutrition and Health Claims in Food Labelling

16 July 2007

Nowadays more food labels contain nutrition and health information that gives us useful knowledge about the food we buy. It can help us to understand the contribution different foods make to our health and well-being and to choose a more balanced diet.

Understanding Ingredients In Food Labels

11 September 2006

People like to know what is in their food. However, food labels may not always be easy to understand. Learn how to read the ingredients on food labels.

An energy-based approach to nutrition labelling

08 June 2006

The nutrition label is an important vehicle through which food manufacturers can communicate essential information about the nutritional value and composition of their product. Potentially, this represents a valuable tool...

Do our nutrition labels work?

01 February 2005

Labels on food are supposed to help us make informed choices about what we eat. Knowledge about the nutrient composition of our foods is an essential element for choosing a healthy diet. New research by EUFIC suggests...

It contains exactly what it says on the label!

03 August 2004

In today’s fast-paced world, we are busier than ever, requiring quick, easy meal and snack solutions to eat in the home or on the go, but the food choices should not be at the expense of our health. 

Labels, the key to consumer choice

03 August 2004

To be able to choose a well-balanced, healthy diet, consumers need to understand what is in the food they buy. More importantly, allergy-sufferers need to be sure that they are not buying something with potentially unpleasant or, in some cases, serious, even fatal, consequences.