EUFIC wins Best Digital Campaign at the European Association Awards 2019!

Last Updated : 01 April 2019
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    EUFIC European Association Awards 2019

    EUFIC is proud to have been awarded the Best Digital Campaign prize at the European Association Awards 2019 for its month-long Hungry for Whole Grain digital campaign. Launched in March 2018, the ‘’Hungry for #wholegrain’’ campaign had as a main goal to enable people to take educated decisions on including wholegrains into their diet.

    The campaign reached 395K people, had over 14K engagements across Twitter and Facebook, and 106K visits to our website during the month of March. It also led to offline engagements, including an invitation to speak at the Healthgrain Forum and the European Cancer Leagues event, ‘Partnering on Whole Grain for Health and Well-Being: why consumers should choose whole grain first’ and ongoing collaborations’.

    This was an excellent campaign with impressive reach. A science-based approach addressing a clear gap in consumer information.  It had impressive social media impact" said the judges at the awards ceremony, held at Le Plaza Hotel in Brussels on March 28.

    These awards are a celebration of the vital work that European Associations do on behalf of their members to ensure their voices are heard throughout Europe. The ceremony was attended by 200+ senior association executives representing a diverse cross-section of European industry and markets.

    Claire Wormsley, Founder and Managing Director of GCN Events said: “We were delighted that so many European Organisations entered and attended.  It was a fabulous occasion and an opportunity to recognise the exceptional quality and excellence that all our finalists display in their fields of expertise.  It is important to celebrate these hard-won achievements and shine a spotlight on the incredible advancements that associations and trade bodies can make, both within their industry and for society as a whole.”

    The ceremony was hosted by Brain Maguire – journalist, producer, broadcaster and specialist in European politics and business.

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    EUFIC Press Contact - Davide Carrino