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Whole grain

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Whole grain

Whole grain (Q&A)

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Eating whole grains as part of a healthy diet may help to reduce the risk of many common diseases. Find easy tips on how to identify whole grain products and increase your everyday consumption.

Make the switch to whole grain!​

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…traditionally made with refined grains. Break cultural barriers by switching your favourite recipes to whole grain! Look for the whole grain version in the shops, or why not try making your own? Whole grains can add taste, texture and nutritional value to meals, plus your friends and family will be…

Whole grains

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Advances in the milling and processing of grains allowed large-scale separation and removal of the bran and germ, resulting in refined flour that consists mainly of the starchy endosperm. However, the bran and germ contain important nutrients that are lost when the grain is refined.

Whole grain and fibre

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…g of fibre a day, from beans and pulses, whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

Functional foods

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…conditions. Many traditional food products including fruits, vegetables, soya, whole grains and milk have been found to contain components with potential health benefits, for example specific vitamins or minerals, dietary fibre, fatty acids or probiotics. New foods incorporating components that are beneficial for health are also developed.